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7 Important Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe

Teach your four-legged friend the Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe. These commands are much needed for anyone who has a dog at home. If anyone disagrees I think he has not had the pleasure of living with a dog for a long time. However, there is time to change your mind.

Adopt a dog and embark on the craziest adventure of your life. Learn about their needs, about yours as well and life will not be the same for you.

Dogs’ ability to seduce you is extraordinary, so be careful and strict with their training. One of my favorite authors Robin Sharma says: “There is no easy way to achieve the desired success. Daily work and determination for success makes you achieve the goals you have.”
So do not think twice about working with your dog every day to teach him the necessary personal safety commands.

If you want your cohabitation with your dog to be healthy and family reunions to take place normally without much drama, invest in your dog’s education.

That said let’s have a look what are the necessary commands for both the dog and its owner. Here are some commands that a dog really should know.

Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe

#1 Their Name.

Call your dog by his name to make him understand that you are actually talking to him. While your dog is a puppy constantly call him by his name and give him treats.

#2 Stay.
Keep your dog out of trouble. Teach him to STAY where you tell him in order to save him from troubles.

#3 Come.

Just be sure you teach your dog “come” before letting them run off

Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe

#4 Sit.

Teaching your dog to sit immediately when told, you could save your dog or a person from harm or discomfort.

Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe

#5 Lay dawn.

Lay down could save your dog from getting into something it’s not supposed to,

Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe

#6 Leave it.

Teaching your dog to “Leave it” could save you and your dog a lot of vet visits and/or baths with tomato juice.

Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe

#7 Drop It. 

In the event that your dog doesn’t leave an object alone, or you find him/her with something they’re not supposed to have, “drop it” can save lives, including that of your daughter’s favorite dolly.

Commands To Keep Your Dog Safe


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