7 Things Husky Owners Do That Should Never Apologize For

Things Husky Owners Do

Animals, especially pets give meaning to our lives and change it forever. The bond created between us is evident in every aspect of our lives. I have grown up with animals all my life and I understand the importance of human-animal relationship.

Love your pet without apologizing for your feelings, and at the same time strengthen your bond.

Here are 7 things husky owners do that should not apologize for.

#1 You have dog toys all over the house.

There is nothing to apologize for in such a situation. Toys are a fun element for your puppy. Let them have fun and do not feel bad about their toys around the house.

Things Husky Owners Do

#2 You call your husky Family.

He is our family, and this is a very normal thing to do. My dog is present in every moment of my life, more than any person I know. Therefore, the status of a family member is well deserved, so do not apologize for this.

Things Husky Owners Do

#3 You’d better stay with the dog than go out.

I do this many times during the week. Why? Because for me the happiness of my husky is more important. I can not go out with my friends / family knowing that he will be bored alone at home.

Things Husky Owners Do

#4 Referring yourself as parents.

Things Husky Owners Do

I am the parent of my pets. I do everything for them, exactly everything my mom did for me. So I am their parent, like it or not.

Things Husky Owners Do

#5 Your Husky uses your furniture.

Why should I apologize for such a thing? The furniture is mine, bought with my salary, placed in my house. If we do not use them (me and my animals) for whom will I save them? I’m not sorry at all.

Things Husky Owners Do

#6 You put your husky first.

My Husky and his companions (other animals I have) are my priority. Every activity I will perform focuses on my animals. Once their needs are met (exercises, enough time with me, food, medical check-ups, etc.) organize personal activities. They are my love and my first choice when it comes to priority.

husky parents

#7 You show the love you have for your husky.

The most natural thing I can do is express my love for my four-legged companions. I never apologize for showing how much I love my husky. Neither do you.

husky parents


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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