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I bet you have never seen before 14 Basenji Puppies eating dinner at the same time

14 Basenji Pups eating dinner

This is one of those weird stories that for some reason become popular and adored by millions over the internet. When these 14 Basenji puppies were called to dinner they rushed all at once to their colorful food bowls to enjoy their meal.

14 Basenji Pups eating dinner
14 Basenji puppies eating dinner

What makes me love this video is their behavior, they did not pushed each-other nor did they tried to grab some food from their siblings bowl. It is new to us, because we are more used with dogs that make a mess while they eat and after finishing theirs, try to steel from others. Even their lining is just perfect, lol.

Definitely the cutest and most educated pups I have ever seen…

What do you think?

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