Dog and Cats population in the US

In the United States of America  live about 150 million dogs and cats. There is one pet for every 2 people, based on the United States of America human population. More than half of the families in United States has a dog and a cat as pets in their home. The number of dogs and cats in fact four doubled from the mid ’60s, rising to approximately half of the human population.

There are many reasons that lead to the increase of the number of dogs and cats as family pets over the last decades. The urban nature of our society is increasing year by year, resulting in separation from farm animals and from nature, this factor may stimulate a desire to bring, a dog or car or in some cases both of them as domestic companion animals, into our lives. The breakdown of the nuclear family, resulting in old people and unmarried people living alone, has led in a appreciation and need of dogs and cats as companions animals. In some case the presence of a watch dog alerting and protecting them and their families, gives a sense if security in addition to companionship.

The importance of pets goes beyond these responses to trends in society. In recent years evidence has become conclusive that pets contribute to the well-being, both physical and psychological, of their owners.

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