This dog didn’t want to leave the park, so this is what he does… OMG SOOO CUTE

All dog owners already know that the favorite place to be for their pets is the dog park. It is obvious that they love the dog park because they have so much fun in there. Dogs get the chance to meet new friends, play around with their human, sniff everything they want to, and most importantly RUN FREE. Dogs demand freedom one way or another, and the park is one of the few places that offers it to them. But what happens once the visit at the park is over and you have to head back home? Well why don’t you let the following pics/gifs, and the video at the end explain everything for you!!!
This Labrador did not want to leave the park, so he was playing dead to get his owner. 

Even though his daddy was trying everything he would to get him up, the dog refused. He wanted to stay a little longer at the park, and if it took him to play dead, then he would definitely do it!

His daddy tried to get him up, but look at him you guys. He is not even thinking of stopping “the dead” game. 

He is like: “Daddy please I am not going nowhere with you now. I want us to stay a little longer at the park, and you should listen to me, otherwise I am not coming.” 

This is the video of the whole situation that happened at the park captured from someone. The person who is filming the event knows that the dog is playing dead to get his way. But you will see that at the end daddy figures out a way to get his dog up, and I am telling you it is too cute. Enjoy the video, and do not forget to share with your loved ones.

Source: Boredpanda

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