Depressed Dog Near Death Rescued From Romanian Dog Pound

This is truly inspirational. The video is about the story of a depressed dog who was slowly dying out. Lucky for her she was rescued in time from the dog pound. As you can see at the beginning of the video when she was saved, she was very sick, same physically as emotionally.
The story is told from the rescued dog himself. By the time she was rescued she was bony, covered in fleas and ticks. No wonder she was depressed and hopeless, living everyday locked inside a cage.

This beauty here got rescued by some kind hearted people whom chose to safe her life either than buying a puppy at a pet shop. It was rough at the beginning, the poor thing had to receive intensive treatment for two months in a row. But she made it.

As the video ends, you see a dog with the happiest look in her eyes. Please, if more people would decide to adopt a dog from a shelter would literally safe he’s life. You can not imagine how many dog’s like this beauty here get killed everyday because no one adopt’s them. Save a life…and you will win a loyal friend that will always love you unconditionally.

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