15 hilarious things a husky would do

15 hilarious things a husky would do

Enjoy these hilarious things a husky would do, recalling once more the uniqueness of this breed. Husky is stubborn, intelligent, loving dog who appreciates his freedom. Reveal their funny side and don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

1- They love hugs.

Hugging is so important to them, in general. Just hug them.

2- They support Avengers.

Good work is always appreciated.

3- They have good driving skills.

Give love to a Husky and he/she will always be by your side.
Give him a car and he will travel the world. Lol.

4- Umbrella dog.

This unpredictable weather forces you to be prepared.

5- Athletics is in their blood

It takes dedication and time to have a beautiful body.

6- They adore the cold.

During these hot summer days I am also loving the cold.

7- Let’s travel.

Let’s travel the world and discover every stunning corner of it.

8- Kiss them.

Kissing is also mandatory.

9- Huskies are full of energy.

Their energy requires constant activity.

10- Hats are their weakness.

Wear hats together and enjoy the day.

11- They love baths.

The truth is, baths are harmful to huskies, if done often. Let them play with water, and avoid shampoo.

12- They love cats.

The relationship between cats and huskies is well known. They also have their ups and downs, like everyone else.

13- Cupcake lovers

Sweets are not recommended for dogs, but you can make an exception for his/her birthday.

14- Get your hands off their coffee.

They love their coffee.

15- KFC is their favorite.

They like KFC more than McDonalds.

These were the hilarious things a husky would do. Let us know which of these elements best describes your husky.

What do you think?

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