10 Dogs That Deserve An Award For Putting Up With You

People can be very immature sometimes regardless of their age. Even the most serious guy in the room, has his moment’s of stupidity. Who are we kidding! We all act worse than a spoiled child when we go brainlessness.
Usually this happens when we are alone or when we are in company of close friends. Now guess who happens to be always around to suffer the consequences of  our dullness whether we are alone or with others. Our poor puppies!

Yes! They get to sit and see their parent acting crazy, or even worse, they get involved in the craziness and we won’t take no for an answer.

#1 Seriously? This is not funny…at all!


What do you think?

Shiba Inu Having A Blast At The Playground

Shiba Inu Having A Blast At The Playground

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