Dog Toilet Training (Right Way To Do It)

Training to use the toilet starts as soon as your puppy  comes home. Puppies urinate frequently and successfully adapting them to the house lies in forecasting their needs – they must be given an opportunity to relieve them self at least every two hours. You can understand when your puppy “needs to go” because he or she would start to walk around, will move circularly and  delve into the appropriate corner looking for a place. This is a suggestion to move your puppy outside.
#1- Commands

Despite the weather, Puppies should be walked out as they rise from sleep, or after having eaten or drunk anything. Once you’re outdoors, say a command like “Go now” so they will know that they will be ok to alleviate themselves. Cuddle when they leave, but  ignore if they don’t leave. And if you find a pond inside, do not tell your puppy until you catch him in the act; otherwise your animal will have no idea why they were punished.


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