Why we Should Protect the Eastern Wolf

Did you know that something horrible is happening to the eastern wolves? They are losing their home! They need our help and here we have a few reasons Why we Should Protect the Eastern Wolf that they really deserve it!

Wolf and Husky- difference positions

• They are just like your pet only a bit wilder.
Dogs have more similarities with wolves than you may think. They are part of the same group of animals and they have many similarities in their appearance. Just look at them!

• They have families.
Wolves hunt and live in packs. Some people believe that their packs look a bit like human families. They have a leader either male or female which is called alpha. The other members of the pack are their pups. Parents look after the pups until they become old enough to survive on their own. Eastern wolves from previous litters offer their help to their parents take care of the pups too! How amazing this is!

• They are soooo incredibly cute!!!
Look at that little cutesy face. Don’t you think that you are falling in love with it? Can we leave this beauty without a home?

• Their howl is just a small noise or just a little song. Ahh-woooooooo!
To humans howls sound just like any other howl, but did you know that each howl has a different meaning? One howl informs the whole pack for a wolf’s location. When multiple wolves howling together this might mean that they are defending their territory. They have also different howls when they hunt. Something that we might do not know is that howling helps to strengthen the bonds within the pack.
• They are smart hunters
Eastern wolves are not very fast but they use their intelligence when it comes to catching their food. They rely on their resistance, endurance and pack size to catch their food. They can run for many hours without getting tired and when their prey gets tired they catch it.

• They are losing their homes!!!

It is believed that today are fewer than 1,000 eastern wolves in Canada! Most of eastern wolves living in Ontario are either losing their forester homes or their home is being destroyed for the creation of new human activities. Their survival is being threatened!

• You can help!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Brent Patterson of Ontario Ministry of Natural resources is studying the wolves’ movement patterns, allocation and habitat use. Your support will help purchase six GPS satellite collars that will help Doctor Brent with his study. With your help as Earth Rangers, Dr Patterson and the support of Ontario Power Generation we can learn more about eastern wolf’ conservation and how we can offer our help.

We are sure that as husky lovers, dog lovers and animal lovers you do not want these beautiful creatures to be extinct one day. ( Via Earth Rangers )

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