Do dogs see in color?

Normally when you are thinking of adopting a dog or you already have one you have questions and worries about his health. A question that most of people have is “Do dogs see in color? Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald has the answer. For many years people were wondering how well and what dogs can see. Scientists were debating for decades. What Dr Fitzgerald claims is that dog’s eyes actually have many similarities with people’s eyes. The canine eye is well-developed, is the same size in all breeds and ours too.
However the similarities that a human eye with a dog’s eye have, there are also many exciting differences. For instance, structures in the rods help dogs to see in brightness when the retinal structure or cones help them detect the colors. In addition to humans that have three different types of cones (red, green and blue), dogs have only two (green and blue). As a result, so most researches claimed that dogs cannot discriminate colors like people do. However, dogs have many visual abilities that humans lack. As an example, did you know that dogs have more rods that we do? Yes, they have and as a result they can see and adjust better in darkness than we do. Another fascinating difference is the position of the eyes. Our eyes are on the front of our faces so our field of vision is about 180 degrees when dogs’ eyes are closer do the sides of their skull, giving them the field of vision around to 240 and 280 degrees!!!! So big difference with humans! Wild dog’s eyes are most active because they are hunting at dusk and at dawn. Their eyes are much more keyed on moving objects than ours. The movement of an object is more important to a god than its shape.
Finally, wild dogs have more abilities on facial recognition of the pack members whereas our gods use this skill in order to recognize and distinguish human family members. We are sure that most of people might pity dogs for lacking the ability of discriminating colors but actually they have more advantages than us. They can see much better far and in less light than we do. Although, their nose beats out their eyes as the most important sense they are still can see very well. Many of the same problems and diseases that people have can attack the visual organs of canines. Any damage or even small injury to the eye can be very dangerous and you need to visit your veterinarian. Board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists can help your dog’s eyes too. Be sure that your little friend is healthy and he has no visual problems.  ( Via Woofi Pedia )

dogs see in color

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