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These Shibas are so ready for Christmas. This is how they are enjoying the holidays

Holiday season is the best time of the year. Everyone is happy, smiley, kind, and gentle. People have that festive state of mind on, and everything looks more beautiful during Christmas. We are able to see happy colors, decorations, and outfits that give this season a really festive spirits. But we are not the only ones impatiently waiting for Christmas. Our pets celebrate with us. They get into the holiday spirit, and they become part of the holidays one way or another. In this post you will see 12 Shibas that are ready to rock the holidays. This is how they are celebrating this jolly season:
1- This Shiba has decided to win “Reindeer of the year” prize. I think he does deserve it! 


2- In the meanwhile these two are making their final wishes. The year is almost over and there is no more time to waist right? ready 11

3- “I do care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree!”ready10

4- “Decisions, decisions. How do I decorate my tree? I want to make it look fabulous.”ready9

5- “I need a picture with the Christmas tree. It looks really stunning this year, and I want to have a memory with it.’ ready8

6- “Is it Christmas yet mummy? Did Santa come? Are we getting a bunch of treats this year too?”ready6

7- “I love this outfit, and I want to wear it everyday until Christmas. I wanna make the best out of this jolly season.”ready5

8- “This is my favorite sweater ever. Mommy gave it to me last year. i am waiting on a new one for this year!”ready4

9- “They decided to decorate me too with the lights. They all said that I look really cute. What do you think?”ready3

10- “This is my first Christmas, and I am really loving it. This is definitely the best time of the year.” ready2

11- “This is what my parents are getting for Christmas: ME”ready1

12- “Have a holly-jolly Christmas you all! Enjoy this special time of the year. Show people how much you love them. This is what this world needs most!”ready

Source: Buzzfeed

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