Tiny pup crying for being trapped in a burning building, but you should see his face when the firefighters rescue him…

Firefighters are heroes. These people are willing to put their lives in danger on a daily basis just to help the lives of others. They are making the world a better place day after day because of what they do, and we should show more respect and love to them.

Just recently a dangerous fire put in danger the lives of the residents in an apartment in Baltimore. The Baltimore County Fire Department had to move fast in order to deal with the fire. Once they arrived in the scene They saw that the fire was raging, which made their work even more dangerous because the fire was really hard to defeat. But while the firefighter were trying to beat the dangerous fire, they heard a strange noise that caught their attention. Scroll down to find out what happened…

Here are some of the firefighters of the Baltimore County Fire Department. 


In this picture you will see the apartment they were saving at the moment of the fire. All of them tried their best to stop the fire, and save as many lives as they could. 


But while the firefighters were counting all the residents to make sure that they had rescued all of them, they started hearing a strange noise coming from the apartment.

So one of the firefighters went back inside to see what was causing the strange noise. The man came out with a little grateful happy puppy in his hands. 


The fire department was trying to figure out whether the dog had inhaled too much smoke, so they decided to confirm that he was doing fine. And indeed the puppy was healthy. 


Thankfully to the intervention of the brave man, the live of this teeny tiny puppy was saved. The owners of the puppy were feeling the luckiest in the world when they found out that their beloved friend was all healthy and happy. 

puppySource: Petsfans

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