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These 10 Illustrations sum up the life of a dog mother….

As soon as you decide to adopt a dog, your life changes forever. It starts from your lifestyle, to the way you perceive things. A dog mother has got to think about her child and not only about thyself anymore. Having a baby means taking care of him/her, and make plans keeping in mind that you have a “child” to look after. We have concluded that the job of a dog mother is not easy, and you will see why. Being a mother is a huge responsibility, so we decided to show you 10 illustrations that sum up a regular day of a dog mother. If you are a dog mother, then you will best understand the illustrations below, and if you are not a dog mother, then this will give you a clue of what’s it like to have a child…

1- You start your day with lots of kisses and greetings from your little furry child. 

dog mommy
2- Once your eyes are open, you have to take your little, impatient child for a morning walk.

*If you need a coffee in the morning to open up your eyes and start your day right, then you should know that your child needs his walk.

dog momy

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