Dillon Couldn’t Walk When He Came To Them… But Look At Him Just Eight Weeks Later

One of the hardest things a pet owner can go through, is watching their pet get sick, or suffer. Just a couple of weeks ago I spayed my cat and the surgery had a little complication. She had hemorrhage, and I am telling you guys I had never felt that scared in my life. Seeing my cat suffering, and going through all the things she went through was one of the toughest things I have overcome. She is my little baby, and anything that happens to her has a direct effect on me. With that being said I would like to say to each and every one of you who has suffered situations like the one I was through, I support you all and I salute you for taking care of your pets the way they deserve to be taken care of. Never give up on your pets because they would never give up on you.
And that is exactly what a couple did, they did not give up on their 11-year old Labrador named Dillon. Unfortunately Dillon went through a spinal surgery, and after it he couldn’t walk anymore. All he could do after the tough surgery was laying on the ground. His parents had to carry him everywhere, and for weeks they carried him around in a sling just to take him outside, or for a ride.

After all the experience they had with the senior dog, his parents never admitted the fact that their baby was not going to walk anymore. They thought that he had to have a last chance to try it’s ods. That is why they took him to the professionals at Yorkshire Vet Physio. Even though everyone was optimistic that Dillo was going to make some kind of progress, never did they expected these kinds of results…

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