Husky Runs Away To Visit Owner In Hospital

Husky Runs Away To Visit Owner

This is the sweet story of Zander the husky runs away to visit owner. The love that dogs have for us, unconditionally makes them so dear to us. The way dogs behave near humans shows the great desire they have to be near us.

The video below talks about a lovely dog who runs away to chase his owner. After her owner was hospitalized, Zander could not stay without him. Instead she decided to pay a nice visit.

The way out of the house was in the form of escape. Yet he is forgiven because react this way to the right person. When his owner was hospitalized, Zander an adopted white husky, broke out of home and tracked him down.

Zander had a hard time alone, that’s why he decided to visit his ‘savior’ and be by his side in the hospital.

She run for 2 miles and was found outside the hospital building. The Dolan’s got the husky 5 years ago from a shelter and he has been like a son to them ever since.

Husky Runs Away

Husky Runs Away To Visit Owner


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