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10 Dogs that will do anything for their tiny human friends

Dogs are amazing creatures. They love us under any circumstance and they would do everything to please us especially their tiny human friends. Kids and dogs have a special bond and that is wonderful. Below you will see pictures of 10 dogs that will do anything for their tiny human friends.

  1. Playing superhero. At least the city is safe now kids2

2. Someone had to help her reach the tablekids5

3. Playing doctors. well, he can get some visits for free, very luckykids1

4. Sharing secrets between best friendskids9
5. Saying the prayers before going to bedkids3

6. I’m sure that is the best pillow there could ever bekids4

7. Best friends are there to take the blame for each otherkids8

8. Back from vacationskids 10

9. Spying on neighborskids7

10. Let’s think it as a tattoo out of lovekids6

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