A Pack Of Huskies Surprised An Ailing 10-year old boy

This is the story of Ian, a bright 10 year old boy that loves playing video games, with Legos and is also fascinated by Zombies. He also shares a great love for dogs, especially Huskies.

From the description I just made he seems like any other 10 year old boy, but Ian suffers from mitochondrial disease. This illness is incurable, contributing to organ failure and the debilitation of the neurological system. Due to his condition he has to carry at all times a medical pouch that hangs outside his pants. Although the boy is very sick, he is still conscious. In fact is talkative and has a developed sense of humor considering his age.

You see know how every moment should count for him. That is why a group of volunteers brought Huskies from the local nonprofit Forever Husky organization to surprise Ian since they are their favorite dogs. Among the Huskies, was a special one just like Ian. He had dealt with health problems as well.


Than he got to go on a dog-sled ride while the family and friends watched how happy he was from far way. Watching her son, the mother burst in tears because she knew how much that meant to him, plus it would live them a wonderful memory of their son.

While petting the Huskies, Ian confessed about his dream to go in Alaska and have a bunch of Huskies there. This boy is very special indeed, pulling off his condition with a big smile in his face despite everything he has gone and is going throw.


This family has had it pretty rough, dealing with life threatening diseases with their other children as well. Ian’s older brother has overcome leukemia and his younger sister was born premature with a chronic lung disease.

Lucky, this was a perfect day for the family. You could tell even from the taken pictures that day how happy they were watching Ian have a blast with the dogs.


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