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They pretend they don’t like each-other, but this is how cats and dogs actually feel…

In the following 10 pictures you will be able to see different cats & dogs standing on opposites sides of a screen door, and you have got to see the way they look at each-other. I swear for the most part, these pictures give you the impression like they want to be on the same spot and just play together, or hug. They look like they want to be good friends and everything, and personally I find that too cute. I love the idea that different animals get along very well because it reminds me that love knows no boundaries. Enjoy the following pictures, and if you think these creatures are just too cute, then do not hesitate to share with your loved ones.

#1- “What do you say can we manage to open the door? I mean look at his sad face.”

#2- “What do you say little fella, are we going to play later? I gotta say that I am a little too depressed being on my own.”

#3- “OMG you guys look at these little cuties. I wanna go over there and cuddle them so bad.”

#4- “Is he still watching? Do you think he is jealous now? Well he deserves it because he refuses to hug me every single time.”

#5- “Is he still watching? I gotta say ‘Who’s laughing now big boy?'”

#6- “Can you please open this door so we can enjoy a little bit of time together? We won’t do anything promise!”

#7- “I feel like they are driving us apart. Let’s run from here and go somewhere we can always be together.” 

#8- “So what do you say cat? Do you want to be my friend again? I am sorry for scaring you the other day. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

#9- “Yea right keep pretending like you are not watching me.”

#10- “Did you finish over there? Are you ready for round #2?”

Source: Buzzfeed

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