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10 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Pet So Badly.

10 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Pet So Badly

The way animals behave at certain moments, make you want to hug your pet. Life is more beautiful with dogs, while fun is present in every moment. If there is something that makes me feel better after a long crappy day, that’s hugs. And I am not talking about some ordinary hugs you can get from people, oh no. Pure hugs that completely shut the whole world out, is what I’m talking about.

pure animal love

They are known as pet hugs. So tell me you guys, isn’t there any time during the day when you crave nothing more than your dog’s or cat’s hug? Don’t you ever feel like the world is full of crap, and you don’t need all that drama in your life? Well, I feel that way too. 

10 pictures that will make you want to stop the whole world, and run straight to your pet and give them a long, full of love hug… Enjoy!

Hug your pet

#1- “Oh boy this hug feels so gooooood. Wanna join us??”

Hug Your Pet

#2- “Oh mommy how much I missed you! Thank goodness you are back because I missed you so much!” Hug Your Pet

#3- “Are you sure you wanna go to work today? Think about!”

#4- “This is definitely the best part of the day!! I love my life so much, and I love you even more my dear  friends”

Hug Your Pet

#5- “Because naps should be taken with your best bud by your side. You know what I mean?” 

pure love animals

#6- “Then and now vibes”pure love animals

#7- “Animals are so adorable”

#8- “If I can get a hug, then I can go ahead and enjoy the rest of the day in peace.”Hug Your Pet

#9- “Dadddddyyyy you are homeeee! Thank goodness because I got so bore today all alone!”

pure love animals

#10- “Days get better when we get to spend some quality time together.”


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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