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Why Does My Husky Pee When Excited or Scared?


Watching your dog pee whenever he gets excited is strange and hard to accept. What comes to mind is: why does my dog do such behavior. Is this a normal behavior that dogs do, is it possible for me to help? Questions that are more than normal in such situations. However, do not worry because every behavior of your husky has an explanation.

A dog pees if it is happy or scared. Reasons that vary based on your dog’s age. If your dog is a puppy, he pees because he is not able to control his emotions. If an older Husky pees when excited or startled, it could be either a medical issue or submissive urination.

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Husky puppies/ My Husky Pee

Huskies by nature are highly emotional breeds. Their actions in moments of happiness are so lightning fast that the chances of your puppy realizing that he has peeled are slim. Husky puppies are able to cover you with love in seconds. That said, you need to be aware of teaching your puppy that activities such as peeing are performed outside the home. Thus enabling training and fun for both the puppy and yourself.

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Adult Huskies /

An adult husky on the other hand is not normal to pee when excited. This can happen for a number of reasons, for example due to a medical condition, accidental reinforcement, incomplete house training, or due to an overly full blade. What is required in such cases is to study the actions of your husky during peeing. Does he stay frozen while urinating or does he pee a little and keep running out of emotions.

Here are some common causes for urinating when you are excited:

Accidental Reinforcement

  • From an early age, your husky has created bridges of communication with you. If your husky out of emotions pees inside, you need to educate him in the most natural way. Because if you caress him out of fear that he will get bored of the training, you may have accidentally reinforced the behavior.
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Full Bladder/ My Husky Pee

  • Animal care should be maximized by the fact that their personal needs are just as important as ours. Our advice is to take the dog out for personal needs at certain intervals in order to educate him on these needs. Going out often he realizes that urination is a personal process which should not be done at any moment. So please be careful how long your dog stays locked up. Find the opportunity to provide the necessary space by avoiding an overload of his bladder. Because these cases cause later problems, the same as happens with our body.

Medical Conditions

  • Ideally you should teach your dog to gradually pee outside if he gets excited. This is achieved with less dedication and patience helping your husky eliminate this habit. Failure to control peeing may be due to a health condition that your husky may have. If such an action has started recently, or your dog is urinating more often, it could be a sign of an issue.

In order to create a healthier relationship with our animals, we need to learn how to read their body language. This is made possible by being attentive to every new behavior they make. It is essential to discern whether the husky is peeing out of emotion or fear.

My Husky Pee

Husky Owner explains that:“If your Husky pees uncontrollably when they are scared or startled, it is a sign of submissive urination. Submissive urination is when your Husky pees to signal that it isn’t a threat to others.”

How to Stop Your Husky Peeing When Excited
Once you understand the reasons why your husky pees, you may be able to work on a solution. The most fruitful way is to educate him from the moment he is a baby with some basic tactics.

My Husky Pee

Try to greet your Husky outside rather than inside.
Ignore your Husky when you get home. Don’t look at them until they are calm.
Train your Husky to sit when greeting someone.
Use toys or treats as a distraction.


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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