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11 Effective And Simple Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running Away

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Steps to follow so that your husky does not escape.

Tips to keep your husky from running away that will help you create a safe and loving relationship. Read on and discover how to keep your husky from running away. Our list consists of 11 ways to stop the dog from escaping.

#1 Escape-proof your place

Huskies will find every way to escape, so prepare yourself once you get such a dog.
If you have a garden you need to build a high fence (almost 2 m). This will prevent your dog from escaping. Huskies are not called escape artists for nothing.

Be mindful of securing every possible hole or gap in the ground, because the husky is a good ‘miner’ / Their digging ability is just as good as that of escape.

As DogsAndClogs said it “They’ll dig all the way to China if they could”.

With this detail in mind place chicken wire under the fence deeper than your dog can dig.

Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running

#2 Crate train your Husky

Your dog can train at any age, but it is undeniable that training at an early age is more effective. The younger a dog is when it starts training on commands the easier it is for both of you. One thing is for sure, the crate train will be your dog’s paradise. For every event he will go there immediately to feel safer.

Procedure to crate train your husky:

Place their cage in the place you have chosen. Make sure it is a quiet place so that your dog can feel comfortable. Take the puppy outside to perform personal needs, then give the command. Use command such: inside, sleep or good night so that the canine makes the direct connection between words and action.

In the meantime, learn to give treats in order to motivate him to train faster. Be patient, as your Husky is learning. Train them patiently and consistently.

Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running

#3 Distract your Husky with toys

Educate your husky with different toys thus avoiding his excessive behaviors. An auxiliary toy for such occasions is the jolly egg which moves constantly, keeping your puppy busy for minutes. A toy like this is ideal for dogs that have a high prey drive.

Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running

#4 Use a long leash when outside

If you are looking for a way to control your dog when you go for a walk, we have a practical solution. Use a long leash, thus allowing the dog to have his own space while controlling it. This is also a good investment when you’re training your dog recalls.

Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running

#5 Give your Husky lots of exercise

Avoid the escape of your husky by offering him proper training. By this I mean at least two hours of activity a day. The perfect combination is physical exercise and mental stimulation. Try to combine these exercises by alternating one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running

I do not recommend the same activity every day, but alternate. Run together, climb hills or mountains, swim, walk, play with each other because husky is a race which has a lot of energy. This is also the reason why you have to combine many activities.

Tips To Keep Your Husky From Running

#6 Give your Husky what they want

Huskies are dogs who like to run in large areas. To accompany them properly it is recommended to go biking with your husky. It is difficult to accompany this breed on foot because the activity they require is high.

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#7 Give your Husky lots of attention

Huskies are dogs that require attention just as much as they require physical activity. Give them the importance they deserve in order to avoid their escape. As the old saying goes ‘Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar’.
Huskies need our attention most of the day. The attention they seek refers to activities, games and training.

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#8 Teach your Husky the front door training

Self-control is essential in dog training. It helps the dog not to be distracted by external factors.
Example provided by DogsAndClogs:

Step # 1: Stand by the door. Have your Husky sitting calmly and facing you.
Step # 2: Drop a treat to the floor. Before your Husky can get it, call their name. If they look at you, that’s the first success of the day. Let them have the treat.

Step # 3: With them sitting next to you, tell them to ‘stay.’ Then open the door a crack, even 2 inches wide, and close it immediately.

Step # 4: Repeat Step 3, gradually opening the door wider than the last time. Help your Husky keep their focus on you with your commands.

Step # 5: It’s time to level up. Throw a treat outside the door. Use commands and your hands to keep your Husky’s attention on you.

Do your best AND GOOD LUCK.

#9 Don’t let your Husky off leash

I return from time to time to the fact that training dogs at an early age is extremely effective. However, there are exceptional cases. Husky for example is a breed which is influenced by external factors. If while walking your canine sees a squirrel or rabbit know that he will run after them. To avoid such events do not remove the leash from your little one. They could easily take off and be gone in a seconds.

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#10 Keep on exploring

Find environments that provide safety opportunities for your dog. Consider areas that have some sort of enclosure in order to find your canine quickly and without worries. Spaces that can be used in this way are training fields, or fenced parks. As I said above do not do the same routine every day, because huskies get bored quickly. So keep exploring. Take them places. Introduce new activities or games.

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#11 Neuter or spray your Husky

I have made sure to sterilize every animal I have adopted as soon as possible. Their well-being and health are very important for the family. Sterilization plays one of the most important roles in a dog’s life. He avoids looking for a partner as well as the feeling of hot flashes in female dogs.

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Why do huskies escape from their families? Click here for more 9 Reasons why a husky runs away:


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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