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9 Reasons Why Your Husky Runs Away

If you are a husky owner, I know you’ve been wondering why your husky runs away? Your question requires a logical explanation. It is normal to have an answer, this way you can avoid fatal situations such as the loss of your dog.

Huskies run away for several reasons. It might be because it’s in their genes, or they are curious. Their independent nature is the main factor indicating their love for running. Other factors are: fear, lack of activity and boredom.

Reasons Why Your Husky Runs Away

#1 Huskies were born to run.

From the beginning, Huskies have adapted to people working. They are known all over the world as sled dogs. Huskies were breed by Chukchi tribe to work as sled dogs. They have been pulling the sled since always, transporting dogs and people. Now days huskies are companion dogs, but their desire to run is still there.

Fun fact: If conditioned properly, Huskies can run 100 miles a day.

Why Your Husky Runs Away

#2 Huskies are independent thinkers.

As a free spirit in the time of the tribes, the Huskies were free to hunt during the summer period. This factor helped them to be independent and at the same time to have independent opinions. They love running in nature so if there is no physical activity they will jump off the fence to run free.

AKC aka (American Kennel Club) says:

‘Huskies are a very independent… breed that has been bred to think on their own out in the tundra’.

Why Your Husky Runs Away

#3 Huskies want to mate.

My baby girl is in the mating season, and her behavior is unbearable. The need for mating has caused her to completely change her behavior. While sexual desire ‘forces’ her to behave this way, I have to put up with every male dog that passes by.
She even ran away several times looking for mating partner, but thankfully I found her again.

Why Your Husky Runs Away

#4 Something distracts your Husky.

Back at the Chukchi people, Huskies worked all winter and food was provided by the tribe. However, during the summer months they left to lead a normal life. In short, they followed their instinct and hunted animals like squirrels. Apparently the hunting instinct is still in their veins.

Why Your Husky Runs Away

#5 Your Husky just wants to play.

While life gets boring and nothing entertains your husky, he is thinking about having some fun. Therefore he will try to escape in order to amuse himself.

Huskies are independent thinkers

#6 Your Husky is bored to death.

Caring for a husky should be organized and full of activities, so that he does not get bored.

Your dog’s boredom has serious consequences for him. High levels of boredom such as lack of toys, your company or other dogs have serious consequences. In other words, carefully monitor your husky’s behavior to avoid his aggressive behaviors.

Watch out for the symptoms of boredom:

Destroying things.

Huskies are independent thinkers

#7 Your Husky is scared.

Your dog may run away if frightened. Fear is a common factor in domestic dogs. Dog owners have expressed that their dogs are scared based on certain events. Particularly when exposed to fireworks, thunder and gunshots.
Signs of fear behavior are:
Seeking people.
Trembling / shaking.

Huskies are independent thinkers

#8 Huskies are curious

Like all dogs Huskies too are curious.

Their curiosity is present at every moment of the day. They seek to know the environment around them by smelling every inch they visit. If they are kept for a long time inside the fence of the house, their mind thinks how they will escape.

Huskies are independent thinkers

#9 Your Husky does not get enough exercise

Huskies belong to the group of dogs that need high physical activity. They were created to describe long distances for long periods of time without getting tired easily. Given that today huskies live in our homes, their activity has somewhat faded. So I suggest you get the right information before adopting a dog. Husky is a breed that requires an active owner in order for your lifestyle to match. In this way the physical activity to be present as many hours during the day for both of you.

Huskies are independent thinkers


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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