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12 Things Your Dog Does That Would Have Gotten You Grounded As A Kid

Animals should be loved, not limited

I grew up in a big family and I was not allowed to do things your dog does. My partner and I have two husky, while my parents own three small dogs and a cat. Our relationships with animals are excellent, so much so that I often get jealous. Because I have I would have gotten grounded if I acted like their pets.

My parents educated us (me and my sisters) in order to behave. Independence has challenges ranging from adaptation to the work environment, managerial skills of the economy and maintenance of common environments.

Silly things dogs do

On the other hand we have dogs, a being so dear to us. No matter how much they grow up, they will always be our little ones. This is one of the main reasons why they are allowed to behave as they wish, normally with some minor restrictions. The fact that dogs will never live alone provides them with the luxury of forbidden actions for young children.

Things Your Dog Does, But kids can’t

#1 Exposing yourself in front of guests.

Things Your Dog Does

#2 Leaving your toys ABSOLUTELY everywhere.

Things Your Dog Does

#3 Throwing a SUPER-tantrum whenever it’s time to go home.

Things Your Dog Does

#4 Snacking anywhere besides the kitchen.

Things Your Dog Does

#5 Making a COMPLETE mess with your food just because you were bored.

Things Your Dog Does

#6 Dragging mud through the ENTIRE house.

pets are our favorites

#7 Destroying the furniture without even realizing it.
“It’s water mom. It DRIES.” – every child ever

pets are our favorites

#8 Peeing anywhere besides the toilet.

#9 Playing inside with the ball.

pets are our favorites

#10 Putting things in your mouth that you shouldn’t.

pets are our favorites

#11 Talking back when you know you’re not supposed to.

adorable doggo

#12 Literally everything else…LOL

adorable doggo

Illustrated by Kelly Angel For BarkPost

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