10 Stories About Heroic Dogs That Saved People’s Lives

#8 Waaw this story is amazing. An English  Bulldog saved six abandoned kittens. This Bulldogs act  deserves to be applauded. Not every dog would do that. He swam deep out into the lake and rescued the kittens which were stuck inside a burlap sack. Once they were safe again they were nursed back to health.


#9 This service dog managed to save his paralyzed owner from a muddy field where his wheelchair had gotten stuck. He did so by following his precise instructions. The former soldier threw a rope to this Golden Retriever and  the dog pulled it and did not let it go until the man was out of the mud.


#10  A paralyzed paraplegic female was rescued from her Rottweiler seconds before the building she was in exploded. Te dog dragged her until she was far enough and safe from the damages the explosion caused. She even was awarded with a ‘Stillman Award’ for her bravery.


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Shiba Inu Having A Blast At The Playground

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