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February 12, 2017 Off

Meet the NYC Dog Who Stands on the Corner Offering Hugs

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Say hi to the 5 year old Golden Retriever that is gaining fame because of her big heartwarming hugs. She can usually be spotted on a New York street, standing up and offering hugs to every anyone that walks by...

January 25, 2017 Off

10 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy With Their Owners

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January 18, 2017 Off

Mailman Builds A Ramp So His Old Dog Friend Could Still Greet Him When He Comes

By admin

An USPS employee went over his duty to built a ramp for a senior dog that loved to greet him...

January 25, 2018 Off

Feeding Your Siberian Husky

By admin

Siberian huskies are playful, loving and social family dogs. Due to their history as working dogs, Siberian huskies have special…

January 23, 2018 Off

Grooming Your Husky

By admin

Siberian Huskies shed their undercoats twice a year. This is called “blowing the coat,” and it usually occurs in spring…