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January 20, 2017 Off

10 Animals Taking Selfies That Will Make You Smile

By admin

The popularity of selfies has reached even the animal kingdom. There as well, everyone is taken by the mania of taking multiple selfies during the day. They smile, laugh, mock and even pose grouping up in front of the camera....

January 19, 2017 Off

This Guy Changes The Shapes Of Animals Into Cubes And Here It Is How They Look Now

By admin

Anicube or said otherwise Animal Cube is a visualization of some animals in cubical shapes. A curios guy from Indonesia,...

January 17, 2017 Off

The Other Side Of Cats Shown On An Animated Serie Of Photos

By admin

We are already used seeing cats behaving wrong toward dogs and mistreating them in every way possible. It is their...

January 25, 2018 Off

Feeding Your Siberian Husky

By admin

Siberian huskies are playful, loving and social family dogs. Due to their history as working dogs, Siberian huskies have special…

January 23, 2018 Off

Grooming Your Husky

By admin

Siberian Huskies shed their undercoats twice a year. This is called “blowing the coat,” and it usually occurs in spring…