Dog Dental Health 7 Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth

Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth are canines that require a greater dedication than other breeds in terms of oral hygiene. No one is happy about the bad breath their dog has. However, there is a solution to this problem. Just as there is a solution to every problem. It is very common among dogs to suffer from bad breath. It is usually caused due to bad teeth.

On the other hand, bad teeth can even be a sign of a deeper health problem like cancer, diabetes, etc. By staying as close as possible to your canine you are able to control every step of his health. Frequent check-ups at the vet are the most important factor of good health. Otherwise, it’s hard to understand why your canine is suffering. So please do not neglect the health of your dog.

Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth

#1 Pug-

Despite their chubby squeezable face they tend to have very bad teeth and are prone to suffer from periodontal disease. This disease causes inflamed gums and pretty bad breath among those who suffer from it.

#2 Yorkshire Terrier-

These cuties are more prone to suffer from tooth decay, plaque or tartar build on the teeth. It’s hard to notice this kind problem due to their tiny teeth. Eventually they cause really bad breath and that should be a sign that is’t time for a check-up.

Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth

#3 Chihuahua-

This sweet puppy usually suffer from ‘teeth crowding’. It is caused because of their tiny mouth, especially if baby teeth have never fallen out. Plus if you notice that your chihuahua is chewing on one side more than the other, that might be a sign of tooth infection or gum disease.

#4 Italian Greyhound-

Greyhounds suffer teeth disease since the age of two. The most common problems they have are: root exposure, yellow crust near the gum line. All of these factors affect their bad breath, loss of appetite or missing teeth.

#5 Shetland Sheepdog-

This big boys have long muzzles, meaning that they are more prone to abnormal incisors.  Leading to tooth rotate or pointing outwards.

Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth

#6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- 

It is not fare for such an adorable face to suffer from bad teeth. But the reality is that they do and mostly they are prone to having tartar build up, gingivitis and tooth loss.

Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth

#7 Maltese-

Being small as a dog breed they baby teeth take longer to fall out. Normally other breeds loss their baby teeth at 3-4 months. Maltese instead, loss their teeth after only after 5 months.

Dog Breeds With The Worst Teeth


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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