He strongly attacked Lionel Messi In Spain, 6 years later karma comes to this player

He played against Lionel Messi while playing on LaLiga, now he is paying the price for it.

Lionel Andres Messi, the striker born in Rosario, Argentina, is on fire at the moment. He has been the leader that Paris Saint-Germain was lacking in recent yeas. Alongside Neymar and Mbappe, PSG look unstoppable. Although PSG does not seem to lose its undefeated streak soon, the club was attentive to Olympique Marseille, which was the team that promised to give PSG a fight this year, however, with the last result of Ligue 1, it was confirms that Paris will have no rival in the league, again.

The Olympique Marseille goalkeeper, Pau Lopez, matched up against Messi years ago, during an Espanyol-Barcelona match, and the goalkeeper carried out a very harsh foul on the Argentine, which really hurt him. Now, Pau Lopez has never been champion of a league, and this time it seemed that at least they were going to fight him until the end.

Lost opportunity?

The Parisian team faced Lyon, their most difficult rival so far, and won without problems. Instead, Marseille missed the big chance to keep up with PSG, and after drawing against Rennes, they already let the team from the French capital slip away on points. Now, it seems that Pau Lopez and his team will remain without giving the surprise in the league.


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