5 Reasons do not get puppies in a pet store

Adopt a dog don't shop = Don't Buy Adopt a Dog

Don’t Buy Adopt a Dog

1. Pet Shop many times not to give guarantees if the puppy you bought is pure or not. Often breeders of dogs do not care for the race, they increase dog only ​​to win more money from them.

2. Puppies in Pet Shop often kept isolated in closed environments. Having lived in these facilities, animals are open to affected by various diseases transmitted between them. Animals affected by viruses and they often affect the life of the animal that you buy. There are many reported cases where dogs purchased at Pet store were sick and they are turned away or have passed in another life.

3. The Pet you will buy will have a limited social life because he was locked in the cage very soon. He has lost about 10 weeks of his liberty where he would learn more. For every animal will need a long time to recover from this trauma.

4. A puppy in the pet shop costs about 400 $ -1200 $. This is to much to pay in a Pet shop, where the animals have no proper care.

5. Why should you buy a puppy when so many pets are abandoned in the street. All those seeking a home. Having an animal shelter you save money and give her the opportunity to have a good life.

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