All You Need To Know About Siberian Husky Dog

Husky Eye Colors Brown

#1- Summary: Siberian husky first originated in Siberia, Russia. This dog was first developed by the Chukchi tribes in Siberia, and at first it was just a hard working kind of dog, that was used to pull heavy sleds for long distances. The usage of these dogs since half a million years ago in places with temperature below 0, and the long rides these dogs had to take, made their breed famous all over the world. Shortly they were used by the U.S Army’s arctic search and rescue efforts during World War II. Their good performance was the reason why they were constantly used from the U.S Army’ arctic search-and rescue efforts even after the World War II was over. Nowadays they still remain one of the best sled dogs, which are capable to win races because of their energy and power. Furthermore they are incredible pets, and great around people. According to American Kennel Club Siberian Husky ranks the 18th among best human companions.

Awesome Facts about Huskies

#2- Attraction:

Siberian huskies beauty has drawn the attention of many artists from all over the world. There have been movies about Siberian huskies; Eight Below (featuring Paul Walker,) and books; Siberian Huskies Smart Owners Guide (Kennel Club Books.) Moreover this dog’s appearance is a strong quality that makes new owners to buy them even more. Their beautiful special eyes: black, green, blue, yellow or white make a first impression that is really hard to forget. Something very special about Huskies in general is that they can even have different colored eyes: black and blue, or blue and white. The increasing popularity of this breed is caused also from their familiarity, and the fact that they can perfectly adopt into a multi-dog family without being aggressive.

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#3- Highlights:

  • They are very curious, therefore they can be lost sometimes while exploring something new.
  • Their temper makes them a hard-to-train dog, and it is not recommended to be purchased from a new unexperienced owner, unless the owner has a strict behavior towards them.
  • Siberian huskies enjoy howling, therefore they will bark rarely without disturbing. Watch out they are not a watchdog, so if you are looking for one, Siberian husky is not the right one.
  • Friendly, affectionate, and good-nature dog it what best describes most of the time this breed. They are perfect with children, but should never be left alone with a young adult.
  • This breed does not need a lot of food in order to survive, neither do they need lot of calories in their daily basis. They could get feed perfectly with normal dog food, and little treats with no sugar every now and then. So for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on their pets, but still want one; you might want to take a look at these beauties.

Husky Eye Colors Brown

#4- Socialization:

As mentioned above this breed is perfect with children. It acts childish most of the times, loves to play games, and loves to act silly. Never forget that no matter how friendly or harmless a dog could be, you should never leave it alone with a child. In order to make your Siberian husky a perfect company for yourself and for the people around you it is highly recommended to take your dog into socialization classes where they are trained how to act around other dogs and unknown people. Through these classes they also will learn some basic rules how to listen to their owner, and how to behave with others. Remember; you as Siberian husky lovers should take some-time yourself to teach your pets’ basic things: how to sit, how to be quiet, how to give you their paws, and most importantly to come and sit with you on the couch to take a nap together.

Baby Loves to play with Husky!

#5- Hair, hair, hair:

Before getting a Siberian husky make sure to have a good vacuum cleaner that will be able to clean your house from all that long, dense hair that this breed has. It is usual for them to shed since they are energetic and all over the place all the time. They shed mostly during the shedding season, spring and fall, so prepare yourself to have a house covered with Husky dog’s hair. It is a good choice to take some time during this season and brush your dogs’ coat every day outside your house. This will rush their shedding season, and will somehow resolve your covered-in-hair house problem. For those of you who don’t know: Siberian Huskies who live in their natural habitat that is Northern region, tend to shed lees than those who live in warmer environments.

Grooming tips - How to groom your Siberian Husky Home

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