This place is not a zoo but a Horror scene for visitors

Tirana Zoo has long been turned into a prison for animals. Visitors of this garden can not see the animals, but horror scenes. This happened during last Sunday, when some people including children, have seen a horse with open abdomen. There were four years that a female horse and a buffalo was in the same cage.During this time, the animals were going up day by day, while sharing space with each other was insufficient. After some months Buffalo began to become aggressive. Although the buffalo showed risk, they allowed the horse to stay inside the cage and putting her life in danger. This time buffalo killed the horse with his horns! This Place is not a zoo but a Horror scene for visitors.

Horse and buffalo

This video was filmed by a visitor some moments the buffalo shot the horse. Also he call for help.

“Animals without sufficient food and medicinal drugs”

Veterinary Physician Klement Fullani indicates that, it has been since three (3) months that animal food quality has been scarce. According to him, bread is fermented and oat is lacking.

Klement Fullani is a veterinary physician working at the Zoo Garden of Tirana. Currently an elder, he has long time come to a close approach with these animals. Most of them he got to know since of a young age and feels much remorse of their present condition. The actual situation of the Zoo is not good at all and this because of lack of investments in a long time frame. Moreover, is to be noted the absence of yearly funds of prophylactic provisions, such as vaccines, medicinals, ambience disinfection and detergents, even hand washing soap shortage. The few materials we dispose of at the clinique are donations of various foundations charities. It has been two and a half years to today that we have not received any supply from the Company . More said, the food public procurement has been infringed on. For the past three months the food has been of a low quality. Bread is fermented and oat is fully lacking. The deceased mare was lastly bred four years ago along with the bull. Initially the animals were youngsters and by the passing of time they matured . The offered space and security could not fulfill the requested animal necessary habitat conditions. The bull manifested aggressive behavior even in the past. In the June of 2014, it even killed a Llama. We sent a written letter to our Directorate requesting the displacement of the bull to a breeding center in Lushnja City, replacing it with physically minor ones named Kotorrs. The bull is a powerful and rare animal and does not fit these premises. Regarding this situation we also informed the Headmaster Nexhat Çela. But the bull transportation was unable to be performed and it spent the winter here at the Zoo. Since January of 2015, the bull became increasingly aggressive, and even though he had shared his premises for four consecutive years together wit the mare, he attacked her! One of it attacks resulted fatal, as it caused serious damage to the mare’s abdominal area. I was present at the Zoo when incident occurred, but I found myself unable to interfere, as the bull is of a huge size and the mare could not be saved from the attack. I engaged myself in the physical elimination of the horse in order for it not to experience and suffer a painful death. At this stage, horses suffering from extreme painful physical condition are put down by gun rifles or get hand slaughtered. In this situation hand slaughtering could not be performed, because despite its wound, the mare was still powerful. The remaining option to put it down was the gun rifle, where consequently its meat would also be used as nutrition for other savage animals. A foreign non-Albanian citizen while being aware of the mare’s situation had asked qualified aid from a private veterinary clinique, in order to perform euthanasia on it. “An hour later, a veterinary physician arrived and injected the mare DOLESIAL??? , a substance used as an euthanasia instrument on small animals, such as dogs and cats, but the mare needs three to four complete bottles of this very expensive substance. Despite everything, this foreign Mister had already paid the monetary fee and the substance performed the requested effect”, – says Kelemt. He explains that after the injection, the animal meat becomes toxic and cannot be used as a food source for other animals. “They tore apart and sawed on it, my son”- says the veterinary in grief and tears. “I am concerned as the local elections are soon due and people’s attention focuses on them. The demand on the Zoo activity fades away and no ones knows who will be taking further care of these animals.”- he ends the story. Via “Shekulli”

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