10 Dog Breeds That Need No Exercise


Everyone knows that owning a dog comes with responsibility. And one of them is waking up every single day and taking your pooch for his morning walk. There even dog owners that take them even twice a day out. Dogs are energetic and love any kind of activity and walking is among them. But what about those lazy people that do love dogs but are not so fond of the idea of daily walks?
Well this is where we step in with a list of 10 dog breeds that need no exercise, meaning that you will not have to walk them as frequently as other dog breeds.

#1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – are very affectionate dogs and silent as well. Since their figure is quite small they don’t need much exercise. All they need is light playtime like at the back of your yard or even a short walk.

#2 Pomeranian – These breed too does not need long walks outside. Just make sure to leave some space beside you for him.


#3 English Bulldog – This cute pooch does not really need much exercise indoors. A few short walks outside will do.

#4 Boston Terrier – They might be the most popular breed at the moment, known for their gentle nature and their intelligence. And since they don’t need too much exercise, they make the perfect companion for an introvert.

#5 Basset Hound – All these pups need is free play time at the house yard and spend quality time with your children. Even if you try to take him for long walks, he will get bored since all he wants is relax and maybe go for a very short walk.

#6 Great Dane – Although they are considered as big dogs they are friendly and lovely by nature. They do love to be outside and enjoy the sun but are not like some other dogs that get anxious to get outside.

#7 Pug – They are up for a walk around the block if you so desire. Taking them out some weekdays or around the weekend is more than enough.

#8 Old English Sheepdog – They love to be around children and play with them. For owners with young children this is perfect cause they will use all their energy on making their children happy and than spend the other part of the day relaxing.

#9 Bull Mastiff – Despite he’s athletic appearance and their big and brutal look, truth is they don’t exercise as much. In fact is quite the opposite, they enjoy much more resting than being active.

Bull Mastiff

#10 Bulldog – These breed is quite lazy and very low energy. They much rather appreciate to stay around the house than go for a walk outside.


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