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10 Reasons To Prove That Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Science-Backed Reasons That Show Why You Need to Have a Husky

Dog Is Man’s Best Friend and there is no doubt about it. We don’t deserve them, nor their pure loving souls. I’m thankful and grateful for animals, specially for the dogs in my life (two Huskies male/female, two American Eskimo male/female a Shih Tzu and a cat). Animals are my medicine.

How can one not love dogs when all they do is give unconditional love to the world. They run towards you the second you step your foot on the front door. If you have a dog, you will understand what the warmest hospitality means. Dogs are the strongest magnet of happiness and good energy, so do not think twice, but go and adopt one.

Dog is man’s best friend from day one till his last breath. This is why we have to spend most of the day doing activities with them. Offering them two pleasures at once, our company and daily training which is necessary for all dogs.

Below you will find 10 reasons to prove that dogs make the world a better place. And always remember, we are blessed to have them in our lives. 

The main reason is their memory. It is divided into two categories.

#1 Short-term memory which affects the forgetting of events eg:

If your dog has done something wrong and you yell at him, he will be upset for the moment but after a few minutes he forgets. And so should you. 

dog is man's best friend
we love people so much

#2 Long-term memory is also an important factor.

Dogs forget the momentary events, but they will never forget the connection they have created with you. These loyal and loving animals maintain the bond and love they have for their people for a lifetime.

Dog Is Man’s Best Friend
Let’s travel the world together

#3 Dog is man’s best friend, let him help you

Don’t want to deal with dishes, no problem your dog will deal with them.

dog is man's best friend
I love this job

#4 Our four-legged friends are a good source of motivation.

Energy is their most important element to have an active life. This is for you benefit as well, because you will be walking (run) together.

dog is man's best friend
Exercising together

#5 Dogs know how to enjoy life

Unlike us, dogs enjoy life with everything they can. A hug is happiness for them, walks give them pleasure every time but love is what makes them happiest. They do not need extra elements in their lives if they have love.

dog is man's best friend
Pure love

#6 They are always there for you

Everyone can forget or cancel the plan you had together. Don’t be sad, your dog will accompany you with pleasure and will do everything he can to lift your mood.

10 Reasons why dog love us
I will always be here for you

#7 From now on, you will never eat alone

We advise that your dog be trained continuously every day of his life. Discipline will try to keep him off the table, but this is not guaranteed. He will find a way to approach and accompany you when you eat. They are so sweet.

10 Reasons why dog love us
I love pizzas

#8 Dogs are very smart

Whatever your mood, your dog understands and tries to adapt to your situation. Many times they try to make funny scenes to lift our spirits. We are blessed, dogs love us more than themselves.

10 Reasons why dog love us
Life is beautiful enjoy it

#9 Dogs mimic your emotions.

As we noted above, the ability of dogs to feel the same as we do is amazing. If we are upset, so will they. If we feel nervous, so does our dog, so please be kind to your fur beauties and be happy around them.

10 Reasons why dog love us

#10 Dogs will protect you

It depends on the dog, but in general dogs bark for anything and to everyone. Anyone approaching around the house will be noticed by the dog, who will let all family members know with his barking. Don’t worry anymore, you’r safe now.

10 Reasons why dog love us

What do you think?

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