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20 Dogs Who Are Not The Very Good Boys

good boys

In my opinion all animals are good boys and girls. Their sincerity in every action is so pure and divine. Animals behave naturally, unlike us who try to manipulate our thoughts.

The most prominent characteristics of dogs include their dexterity, constant energy and incomparable beauty. Factors that directly affect their behavior, which happens to be not always exemplary. On the other hand there is a reason why it happens that there are deviations in their way of behaving. We have identified that there are several factors that directly affect their bad behavior.

The way we treat our animals is reflected in their behavior. This is not an absolute statement, but in most cases it is true. For example, have you noticed how much mess your dog makes if you leave him alone at home for a long time? This is exactly what I was talking about. Time dedicated to our pets translates into positive behaviors and strong bonds between us.

However apparently there are owners who overlook this detail, and the consequences are obvious. Such behaviors also occur due to the fact that the dog happens to be very excited, upset, or happy. Anyway what matters is the mess caused which makes you laugh.

Moments when puppies are not good boys or girls


Good Boys


Good Boys


Good Boys


Good Boys


Good Boys


Good Boys


Good Boys










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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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