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8 Tips for a Well Behaved Dog How To Train A Puppy

Educate your dogs

The first question that every dog owner has is how to train a puppy? It’s just the right question given that your dog needs to be educated. When I say educated, I do not pretend to compare it with our upbringing, but I mean a responsible and calm behavior. 

Many people have endless love for animals, especially for dogs. We all know that this four-legs friend are the most loyal animals. They also love us unconditionally. While humans and dogs have their differences, there are some elements that unite us. They are: education and the need for each other.

Sometimes dogs have some innocent tendencies like jumping up to greet, barking and more. Factors that make our coexistence somewhat difficult. For this reason you need some basic rules to strike a balance so that your cohabitation is more beautiful and easy going.  How To Train A Puppy

Training is an important part of any dog and dog parent. The two of you together will be able to live happier in each other’s company by following a few simple rules. 

How To Train A Puppy

#1 Start training dogs when they are still puppies. These way they will learn faster and easier.  How To Train A Puppy

#2 Train your dog politely and in a friendly way. Make the process enjoyable and make him feel motivated.

How To Train A Puppy

#3 Give your dog command which are compatible and easy to understand. Use single words in order to not confuse your puppy.How To Train A Puppy

#4. Be careful with the tone of your voice, when you give commands. Don’t use a loud voice because he might feel scared. Educate your dogs

#5 Use your dog’s name positively. When you call your canine, he should feel that something good is going to happen.  Educate your dogs

#6 No punishment for your dog. You have to teach and communicate with him in a way that won’t destroy your relationship. A good communication is the key to success.Educate your dogs

#7 Don’t give a lot of attention when he misbehaves. For example when he jumps on you, don’t give him a lot of attention because he is more likely to repeat it again. Educate your dogs

#8 Don’t train your dog when you’re in a bad mood. You should earn his respect with love and not by yelling.

Educate your dogs
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