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Bus Driver Saw Stray Dogs Freezing And Made Something Amazing For Them

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The story was located in Argentina were several weeks ago a severe thunderstorm hit Buenos Aires. As a local bus driver was closing his shift, he saw two frightened pooches that were shivering out in the cold and wet weather, so he stopped to offer them help. He let the doggies jump in the bus.

One of the least passengers at the bus  witnessed the drivers act of kindness and could not leave it at piece. She said that after he let them enter the bus, he was gentle with them and even spoke to the dogs like they were able to speak to him back. The woman took a picture to materialize the moment and posted it on the internet.

And so the driver was praised for his gesture and was even called a hero. The funny thing is that no one knows his true identity. Everyone knows him as the kind bus driver that stopped to help to little doggies in need. Normally pets are not allowed on the bus but for these time the bus authorities gave him a free pass.

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