Cat Who Was Carrying More Than Half Of His Weight In Matted Fur Goes Through Incredible Transformation

The story of a neglected Persian cat that got a do-over after getting rid of his matted fur that weighed 5 pounds in total. This ball of matted fur was so heavy that he had to drag it with him.

The Siberian cat used to live with an elderly man that was incapable to take care of the pets needs.

One of the utility workers at the shelter saw the poor condition he was at and brought him to the shelter for a do-over.

After long hours of shaving and grooming, they got rid off the matted fur that to their surprise was heavier than the cat himself.

After they finished with the grooming, the shelters vet made a general examination of the cat and noticed that his hind legs had gotten atrophied due to the lack of use. But the Siberian cat showed us all that he had not given up yet.

Despite what appeared as a never ending grooming, he was tolerant and patient trusting the process. During the first days the shelters staff even fed him unwillingly because they needed to make sure his digestive system would keep working and not cause any damage to the kidneys.

As it turned out the same man that took the Siberian cat in to foster him, turned out adopting him after all. The thing that made the adoptive dad fall over for the Siberian cat was that, despite everything he went through he has remained a sweet and friendly cat that loves to be around humans.

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