Combat Service Dog Given Heartwrenching Sendoff In Military-Style Funeral

A lot of dogs work as guide dogs or service dogs helping humans in many different aspects of their life. But to be fair one of the most exceptional jobs a dog has ever done is working side by side with the police department and military. There are more than 2500 dogs that work in the USA military. They are crucial to succeeding in a mission. They work consists in sniffing out mortars, protecting their human companions, finding bombs, drugs etc.
This German Shepherd has worked has served in 240 missions along his master and about 30 of them were firefights.


But with the passing year the brave pooch got older and weaker. After seeing his struggle his owner and companion in wars decided to put him down. The loving family of the German Shepherd held him a military style funeral to honor their dog properly for his service. Dozens of people attendant the funeral and watched father and son paying tributes to their lost dog.


They also decided to bury him with an american flag as the tradition goes in this cases. Among this the family hold many other military funeral traditions.


Rest in piece brave soldier. We all thank you for your service to our country.


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