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Dying Puppy Found Locked Up In A Cage Gets Completely Transformed By Love

The Animal Cruelty Division got a call about a dying dog covered in feces after being kept locked up and forgotten in a filthy crate.
After the received call the officers went right away on the location the dog was and found a starved pup covered in feces and emaciated very badly.

Although at first the pup seemed dead, checking him closer the officers noticed that the dogs chest moved. After that rib move, they realized the dog was still alive, barely but at least he was still breathing. After being rushed at the vets office for an emergency treatment.

As the vet checked her up, he said that her body temperature was so low as even on the thermometer could not be registered. She was not moving at all and her chances were low but as it turned out there was still hope for her.

A veterinary technician that turned out to be her guardian angel rushed to offer her assistance on the case.

She spent several hours with the pup giving her lifesaving care as well as a warm bath followed up by a blow dryer to hoping it would help to raise up her bodies temperature.

When her life signs started to stabilize all the staff at vets clinic where relieved and happy for her.

The veterinary technician that cared for her intensely decided to adopt the little pup. She felt bonded with her and can offer her the best care and love.

After only one month the dog has healed and is enjoying to her fullest the second chance life gave her, with the new adoptive family that adore her to death.

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