10 pets, which did not expect that the owner would come so early

Having a pet at home its a great joy for every member of the family. They know how to give love and affection and change our mood in a few seconds with their presence. But sometimes we discover a totally different behavior of our 4 leged friends. Usually when left alone for long hrs or feeling bored or stressed dogs and sometimes cats can be very destructive. It is normal for dogs to chew on things, dig, and be protective over their territory. Dogs are diagnosed with destructive tendencies when they destroy things we don’t want them to, such as furniture, shoes, doors, or carpets. Not all destructive behavior is the same, however. When a dog chews on the wrong things or digs in the wrong place but does not have any other symptoms, this is considered a primary destructive behavior. Dogs that have other symptoms like anxiety, fear, or aggression in combination with their destructive behavior are diagnosed with secondary destructive behavior. Both types of destructive behavior can lead to problems with other organs, such as teeth, skin, the stomach, or intestines, if left untreated.
This are some of the best photos that owners did when they got home and found them “guilty in crime”.



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