10 Times EBay Really Screwed Up

With the technology era we are living has become a necessity the use of varies websites that offer us different king of services. I bet every single one of you has ordered even once on EBay, cause we all have. You can find and buy some many things on there and on a good deal as well, so I do not blame you for choosing it.
I myself have used it several times. But sometimes the item that you see online and decide to order turns out to be a total different thing when it arrives on your dog step. And there is where the disappointment begins.

I really hope you have not experienced any unpleasant surprise with your shipment like this 10 persons did.

#1 Yes EBay you really nailed it..This is exactly the jacket I could not wait to wear.


#2 The internet versa reality…


What do you think?

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