A Million People Just Signed This Petition For A Heartbreaking Reason

With the climate changes that are happening the ones suffering most from it are the polar bears. Their habitat is getting destructed more and more with every passing day, putting them in danger.

The natural thing is for them to thrive in their own habitat wild and free. But the facts show something else. Now days Polar Bears are ending up in zoos, being used for entertainment and profit. They are finding themselves totally out of their element.


You can come to this conclusion just by looking at a polar bear face in an animal zoo. They are sad and depressed the whole time.


This is one of the two Polar Bears that spend their days at an mall aquarium in China.


That is one of the largest shopping centers with the aquarium located in its sixth floor. This center has been criticized very often from activist groups. The animals living conditions are horrible and they are miserable there. Although many people have a great time visiting them in the center, it is not fare to the locked up animals. Many animals kept isolated in zoos develop a psychological condition called zoochosis.

This bear is suffering every single day he has to stay locked up in that center. They have no desire to live anymore.


Both of the bears used as attraction, have been showing signs of mental distress lately.


One of them spends the day looking for a way out of there. Goes back and forth the cage, hoping to find a crack and liberate her self.


For that reason animal an animal organization in China has started  a petition that urges the forceful shutdown of this aquarium. Until now they have gathered more than 1000000 signatures on the petition. A Wildlife Park located in U.K has offered to take the bears and other animals to their 10-acre habitat park, but the Chinese authorities refuse to do so. Many people that support the campaign, wrote even letters to the governor of the province.


The general manager has denied the accusations and proclaims that the animals are not suffering any kind of mistreatment, especially the housing of the polar bears.

What do you think?

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