Adventures with your dog are the best. The following pics prove it

In this post you will have the chance to meet Aspen, a Golden Retriever from Colorado. This dog is a living proof that not only are dogs man’s best friends, they also make the best traveling buddies.
Aspen lives in Colorado with his owner and personal photographer ,Hunter Lawrence, and his mommy. The three of them love adventures, and they like to do it all. They go kayaking, hiking, swimming in crystal clear mountain lakes and cruising around in a VW Camper. Aspen is clearly addicted to all these adventures, and he loves nothing more than getting back to nature.

One of Aspens biggest passions is picture. He likes to pose for his father because he knows that all these pictures will be a living proof that adventures with your dog are the best. So far Aspen has become an “Instagram Celebrity” with 95K followers and counting. All this fame because of his amazing shots. So far Aspen has traveled in eight different states, but more adventures are yet to come for this adorable trio. The following pictures will prove all the fun, and amazing adventures the three of them have experienced so far.


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