Cat Island in Japan asked the Internet for cat food. This is how the Internet responded…

Do you guys know that there is a so-called Cat Island in Japan? I had no idea there existed a thing such a cat island until recently. Well for all you who have no idea what a Cat Island is let me explain. This is an Island in Japan who has more cats than people. The report between cats and people is really unusual 6:1. So now you get the idea of naming the Island the Cat Island? I do  too. Well recently the food supply service was put on hold due to bad weather conditions. In order to prevent the feline-uprising, the residents turned to the Internet.
“Please send cat food to Aoshima,” said the Tweet of a cat caretaker.  “There are no stores to buy food here on Aoshima. The people here acquire their necessities by taking a boat to the mainland. However, it’s extremely windy in winter, and boat service is often suspended.”

This is just an ordinary picture in the island. To be frank, I have never seen so many cats in a spot. It is really crazy right? 

cat island

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