This is how an unlikely friendship between a bear and a cat looks like… Oh My!!

The unlikely friendship around the world keep adding day after day, and I have to admit that I just love ittt!!! I have said it before, but I will surely say it again. It is very beautiful watching two totally different animals getting along with one another. This shows us once more that animals are far better creatures than we are. They don’t care if you are not their species, if they get along with you, then they will be friends with you. It is just as easy as that. They do not give a damn about each-other’s coat color, or body size. Once they bond, they tend to keep the unlikely friendship as long as it goes. So today’s unlikely friendship is about a wild cat named George, and a sun bear cub named Ka Wao.

Here is George and Ka Wao enjoying the presence of one another at their mutual home.

unlike friendship3

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