You won’t believe what a stranger did for a homeless man whose senior dog got sick!

When I read stories like the one I will share with you today, I keep on having faith in humanity. We are talking about Robert, a homeless man who recently lost his home. As if it wasn’t enough trauma for the poor man, right after losing his house, he risked losing his senior dog too. His dog’s name is Ripp, and he was diagnosed recently with pneumonia and had to be treated immediately. Robert was facing a $4,000 vet bill and counting, which he couldn’t afford.
Fortunately at the moment when Robert was at the vet complaining about the expensive treatments Ripp had to go through, Chris Hughes, the co-founder of the Mr. Mo Project, was present. He offered to cover all the costs related to Ripp’s treatments.  He also offered to take care of Ripp for a few weeks. When asked later on about the situation of the dog Chris said:

“Ripp is doing much better now and is staying at our primary Vet The Animal Health Center in Clifton Park NY,” Mr. Mo Project told Bored Panda. “He will stay at our vet for a few weeks while Robert gets back on his feet. Once he is back on his feet he will take Ripp back but The Mr. Mo Project will continue to cover all of Ripp’s medical needs so Robert can concentrate on himself. Robert is living at a shelter right now but should be in a home soon.”

In the video below Robert will tell you a little bit more about this situation, and he also adds: “I couldn’t really pay the bill…and I really love my dog a lot, and the Mo. Project really helped me out, they saved my dog…I really appreciate all of it coz I think he has a lot more golden years to go. As I’m crying I still get happy about it, though [kisses the dog].”

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