Half A Dog, Twice The Love: Rescued Puppy Born With 2 Legs!

Ever since he was born, Bonsai the Bulldog puppy has had the cards stacked against him – he was born with 2 legs and a host of other genetic disorders that have made life difficult. Thanks to his loving owners and community support, however, he is surviving to live life to the fullest!Bonsai’s two stunted, lame hind legs were recently amputated. He also has no functional pelvis and a deformed lower spine. His front legs exhibit legs “Swimmer Puppy” syndrome, which prevents him from standing on his front legs correctly and places excess pressure on his internal organs. This, in turn, might have been caused by the large internal sack of fluid he was born with. He was born to English Bulldog breeders in Arkansas.
Friends Of Emma, an organization in Texas dedicated to helping care for dogs with cleft palates and other congenital defects, is helping Bonsai’s owners take care of him, paying for veterinary bills and other essentials like diapers and wipes. Check below 12 pictures of Bonsai to see how cute he is and to learn more of his story…. (Article Source)

#1- Little Bonsai was born with 2 lame legs and many other birth defects

Little Bonsai was born with 2 lame legs and many other birth defects

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