He is the most stylish bartender you will ever see in your entire life….

Have you guys ever seen a dog who is really talented, but most importantly genuinely good looking? Well if yes, then you are a little used too with all the cuteness, and if no, then this is your lucky day!!!
Today I want to introduce you, by far one of my favorite “skilled” dogs of Instagram! His name is Rocco, and he is a Pug. I mean just saying that he is a Pug, can easily define the cuteness that will follow right? I don’t know about you all, but personally I love Pugs. There is something about them that makes me wanna squeeze them every time I see one walking down the street. But I have to admit that all the Pugs I have seen, are nothing like Rocco. Wanna know why? Keep scrolling through the following pictures:

#1- “Hello everyone my name is Rocco and I am a bartender. The following pictures will prove the talents that I have.!”


What do you think?

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