The Heartbreaking Story Of This Dying Dog That Was Documented On Snapchats From Her Owner Will Make You Cry

When have had a dog for the most part of your life is so hard to let them go when their time is up. They are simply way to amazing, lovable, loyal and friendly.
This is the case of this women that has made a big farewell for her dying dog on several snapchats on the internet. Her dog has been having seizures for a while now and they are getting worse every day.  Even though the seizures were exacerbated by the medications, she still has difficulty walking, has pain or even falls down the stairs if she misses a dose of her pills.

That is why her owner decided to put an end to her suffering. But before doing that she wanted to give her princess a last day full of love and care. Below you can see all the pictures taken from snapchat. And I recommend to keep your tissues close, you will need them.

















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