This Senior Dog Walks Everyday 4 Miles Just To Say Hello To Everyone

The story of this dog is unbelievable. He has been doing this mile long walks for more than 12 years now. He went coincidentally went inside a families driveway more than 10 years ago. When the owner of the house took a look at him, decided to adopt the puppy and make him part of the family.
The one thing this dog wanted to do more than anything else was to go on long walks and be free. At the beginning his owner tried to train him since he kept getting lost and going way from home. But when he saw that the dog almost killed himself from this he just let him free do whatever he wanted.

It became part of everyday life to hear from neighbors or people living in the town that they have found his dog. But the puppy always came back home on his own no matter how far he would walk.

With the years passing by, now even the citizens of the town are used to seeing the dog walk around and visit the library, the city hall, grocery stores etc.  He earned everyone’s affection doing so that they even curved him a wooden statue and since than they call him the ambassador and towns dog.

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